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Stainless steel glass stair banister

Stainless steel glass stair banister

     With the widespread use of stainless steel stair handrails in life, people gradually began to pay attention to the style of stainless steel stairs. Through the understanding of customer needs and market orders, manufacturers have also discovered this changing trend and began to introduce new stainless steel staircase handrails. Let the products of the stainless steel stair armrest market now become hidden. Today me  for everyone to introduce the new stainless steel glass stair armrest style.
 Learn the basic specifications of the armrest of stainless steel glass staircases
Railing height(usually between 900mm-1200mm)
Domestic indoor railing height: 900mm-1000mm
Domestic outdoor railing height: 1000mm -110mm
Foreign indoor railings height: 1000mm -110mm
Foreign outdoor railings height: 11000mm-1200mm
Data are used to make a simple reference, customers with special needs can also communicate with manufacturers, manufacturers will be produced according to actual needs, and then together to understand some stainless steel glass armrest specific style bar.

Figure I

    Stainless steel columns and glass make the entire decoration style very simple, and stainless steel has a strong corrosion resistance. The handrail of this staircase adopts the process of connecting the handrail face directly with the column to reduce the problem of gap dust and provide a lot of convenience for the later cleaning work. Perfect for use in densely populated public places.
 Figure II

    This stainless steel stair armrest is matched with stainless steel wood columns and glass, incorporating a Chinese style into the fashionable stainless steel style, adding an elegant and classical atmosphere to the original simple modern stainless steel glass staircase armrest.

     This stainless steel guardrail gives up the use of stainless steel handrail surface, only stainless steel vertical column to connect the glass. The excellent transparent performance of the glass makes the entire space look more spacious. The design of the whole glass makes the stainless steel clip glass railings that originally looked relatively bulky look light and modern. It's an outdoor pool fence choice.

     See if these styles have given you a new understanding of stainless steel glass armrests? If you don't like any of the styles introduced to you, you can ask directly. Dimusi wholeheartedly provides you with all the stainless steel stair armrest services.